Bento Baon: Totoro and Soot Sprites (Susuwatari) Kyaraben

I took a crack at another Totoro (kyaraben) bento. This time, Totoro’s accompanied by a couple of soot sprites. Here’s Mugen inspecting my bento:

I crushed some black sesame seeds and mixed it in with the rice to make the Totoro rice ball. As you can see, I don’t think I did a very good job since it didn’t really color the rice the shade of black-ish/gray I wanted it to be.

img_20161003_201903The soot sprites were rather easy to make. They might appear to be bigger, but the soot sprite rice balls are actually just about less than two tablespoons of rice each; I didn’t want to put too much rice into my bento.

I also tried to form a flower shape out of the hard-boiled egg using bamboo skewers and cling film. I think it looks more like an amoeba than a flower haha. No matter, with a little salt, it’s still going to be tasty; I love eggs.


Other items in my bento are raw purple cabbage, a small piece of pastrami, and some sauteed shredded carrots and chayote.

I was listening to this as I was writing this post; really sets the mood and makes me want to watch Totoro!


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