Bento Baon: Happy Onigiri

It’s almost the weekend! I thought I’d celebrate with a couple of happy onigiri.


I used one of my nori punchers to make these adorable, smiling little rice balls.

img_20160928_205902I’m trying to be more conscientious again in calorie counting, and it helps to measure the rice first before I make onigiris out of them. Measuring and weighing foods is an extra step in an already quite time-consuming process of bento making, but I don’t see it as that big of a deal, especially when I have a goal in place.  I also make sure that carbs only make up about 30 to 40% of our bento; I try to pack more proteins and fiber.

Here’s my dog, Mugen curious to see what bento I made today:


I made some hard-boiled eggs, and I tried to mold them to form a flower shape; I saw a short instructional video clip on Instagram using some skewers and cling film. I wasn’t quite successful, but I’ll try that technique again next time!

I also packed the last of the chopsuey in Joel’s and my lunches along with some fresh broccoli. 🙂



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