Bento Baon: Teddy Bear Kyaraben

Although more time consuming than packing a regular bento, I found myself preparing another kyaraben for Monday’s bento baon.


I know bears are a common character design in many bento boxes; my very first kyaraben was a bear onigiri. But I still decided to have a go at it. I thought these cute bears would help make our Mondays a little less mundane and ease the transition from weekend to another work week.


It was easier to prepare this bento than my¬†Totoro’s Crazy Cousins bento. I simply shaped the rice to form the head, ears, and oversized eyebrows (which I thought were so cute lol) of the bears. I also included some leftover baked chicken katsu with my homemade tonkatsu sauce.

Joel and I are getting one bear onigiri each for our lunches (that I separately packed). I also packed a hard-boiled egg and some vegetables to go with the bear rice ball.



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