Bento Baon: Totoro’s Crazy Cousins

I tried my hand at another kyaraben, a Totoro bento to be precise.
But what I ended up with I’m afraid
are funny-looking woodland sprites.

Worry not, I told myself
It still is a decent endeavor
What matters most is it will be tasty
When it’s finally time for lunch hour.


Excuse my rhyming game lol. As what my cleverly crafted (*pats back  lol) short-poem above stated, here’s another kyaraben attempt!


When I first showed Joel the bento, he cracked up so hard and called them “Totoro’s retarded cousins” haha. I wasn’t offended; I did think they look a little bit crazy.

I had to use the last of my tofu skins, so I made some Totoro inarizushi. I tried to use some egg whites for the eyes but it was hard to cut a circle off it; I had to resort to sliced cheddar cheese. The whiskers are spaghetti noodles that I fried in a little bit of oil.

Joel and I get one Totoro inarizushi each for our lunches, along with some tamagoyaki, shredded carrots, and baby corn.




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