Bento Baon: Gudetama Onigirazu

I knew I wanted to make another kyaraben, but I didn’t want it to be too time consuming. Thus, I came up with Gudetama Onigirazu.


Gudetama is a Japanese egg character with a crippling depression. Leave it to the Japanese to create something so Kawaii yet so offbeat at the same time. I find it absolutely amusing.

I’ve seen a lot of Gudetama depictions from a number of bento makers, and I really enjoy seeing different interpretations. It helps that it’s an egg, an important food item in bento lunches.

Joel and I are actually splitting this rice sandwich. I’ve packed some broccoli and apple separately for us too, so it’s still going to be a well-balanced lunch. I gotta admit, I have not been religiously counting my calories; it’s just challenging sometimes since I didn’t want to be policing my every move when I’m cooking and making bento. But I’m already super close to my target weight that I have got to stop sabotaging myself when it comes to reaching my goal! Aja! One good news is we haven’t been slacking on running. We still hit the treadmill for 30 minutes, five days a week. It’s a nice exercise especially since our jobs involve sitting in front of a computer for most part of the day. And we’re getting old so we gotta take care of our health more haha.


At some point in our lives though, we’re all Gudetama.


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