Bento Baon: I Got My New Nori Punchers!

I ordered a set of nori punchers off Amazon a week or two ago, and they finally came in yesterday!
img_20160915_171002 img_20160915_191629

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to break them in. I made another set of kyaraben (or decoben) lunches for Friday’s bento baon.


The punchers worked great. The only difficulty I encountered was deciding how to decorate our bento and handling the inari (they’re really thin and flimsy!) That’s why my rice balls have the >_< expression haha.

I opted to recreate a panda hat inarizushi that I’ve seen in a lot of bento online. I also mixed in some Chicken adobo sauce into my rice and came up with adobo rice (delicious!).


Even though it took me longer than I anticipated to finish these creations, I still had a lot of fun making our lunches. I’m excited to try out some other combinations of the faces.


The other food items in our bento are leftover chicken teriyaki, tamagoyaki that I tried to form into flowers, some wilted spinach, and potatoes and peas.

Happy Friday!






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