Bento Baon: Roasted Chicken, Nori Tamagoyaki, Carrot Namul

Yesterday’s work lunch was pretty much a repeat of what I brought in the other day (minus the noodles), so I thought I’d step up my bento baon game for today’s lunches. 🙂


The roasted chicken was marinated in all of my favorite Asian seasonings: soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar, sesame oil, grated ginger, garlic, salt/pepper, lime, and oyster sauce. And to make it a little bit like Filipino barbecue, I’ve thrown in some banana ketchup into the mix. I marinated the chicken in the fridge for about two 1/2 hours before I popped in the oven to roast at 375 degrees for about 50 minutes.

And boy was it delicious. I couldn’t resist sneaking in some bites (and sharing some with Joel haha) as I was preparing our lunches last night lol.

I’m also quite excited about the nori tamagoyaki I made. I just love how the black swirls look against the yellow omelette. And I didn’t have to put too much salt in the omelette since the nori already provides the salty taste.


I see tamagoyaki as quite a staple in bento lunches, and I’m happy to incorporate it in our bento baon whenever I can. I love seeing all the different ways bento makers I follow on Instagram make their tamagoyaki fit into their bento. It helps that I make sure we always have a steady supply of eggs. I love eggs!

I also put in some of the leftover carrot namul from my gimbap (Korean-style carrot salad) to fill some space and for added color..


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