I’m not going to pretend like I know the main difference between gimbap (or kimbap) and sushi rolls, aside from the former being Korean, and the latter Japanese.

However, when I was looking up how to make gimbap, I did learn that you season the rice with sesame oil, sesame seeds, and salt – as opposed to preparing the rice with just vinegar with sushi rolls.

Disclaimer: I also learned that you need to have pickled radish with gimbap. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t use any =/ as  I didn’t have it on hand.

Onto my gimbap venture:

I actually immensely enjoyed prepping all my gimbap fillings. It might seem cumbersome to prepare all of the gimbap ingredients, but my Sundays are usually reserved for my kitchen adventures anyway, so I didn’t really mind taking my time getting all the gimbap fixin’s ready.

I made some Korean spinach saladcarrot namul, and rolled omelette. I also used some imitation crab meat that I cut thinly.


I put some sesame oil onto the finished rolls.img_20160911_155934

Yay for gimbap! 🙂 Next time I would like to try either the beef bulgogi or pork cutlet variety. And I would definitely get some pickled radish to make it more authentic!


Bonus photo:

Gimbap + bubble tea + Sunday anime night = #JustAsianThings 🙂



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