Siomai (Shumai) and Inarizushi

I’m having post three-day weekend blues. To combat that, here’s our bento lunches to face the new work week.


I have finally gotten around to making some inarizushi! I’ll write a separate post about my attempt. I packed some of those in our baon today, along with the last of my pinakbet, some pork and shrimp siomai (or shumai), and bean sprouts.

Also, check out our new Japanese Daruma fabric!


Joel got it as an early birthday present from his brother, David and his, wife Akiko, along with some awesome wooden Japanese kitchen utensils.

I’m excited to use the fabric as a backdrop for my bento baon photos. 🙂 I know it’s Joel’s present, but I’m making his lunches anyway so it’s all good lol.

But hey, it’s already Tuesday! The weekend is already right around the corner. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, but I’m sure I’ll be on the mend soon. We saw Star Trek and got FreeBirds last weekend, and we already made plans to watch Kubo and The Two Strings next! I cannot wait.


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