Another Filipino vegetable dish that I absolutely love is Pinakbet.

I got all the ingredients ready and got to cooking. I love kalabasa (kabocha/butternut squash), and it’s one of the vegetables I definitely made sure to get at the Asian store. I was debating on whether or not to make pinakbet or ginataang kalabasa (with coconut milk). In the end I opted for the former since I realized I was out of coconut milk. Oh well, I’m glad I went with pinakbet! This was my first time making this dish on my own. Usually when we would cook this back home, I was mostly in charge of going to the palengke to get all the ingredients, maybe do the chopping and prepping, but it was either my mom or dad who would cook it entirely.

I followed this pinakbet recipe. I wish I had gotten Asian long beans instead of the regular green beans; I prefer the stringiness of the long beans.
I’m missing okra and ampalaya (bitter gourd) to complete the pinakbet, but I’m happy with how this dish turned out. Oh and how I would have loved to serve this with fried galunggong. Hngg, that would have been perfection.


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