Lugaw and Tokwa

Talk about a food pairing made in heaven.


Two events came together for this beautiful food affair to transpire:

  1. I still have some arroz caldo (or lugaw) left
  2. I recently went to the Asian store to replenish my Asian product supplies and one of the items I got was tokwa (tofu).

Lugaw with a hard-boiled egg and tokwa together is my favorite merienda (light meal or snack) item back in the Philippines.  I miss a lot of things about home, and one of them is definitely seeing a lugawan on every street corner.

I don’t really classify lugaw and tokwa as a light meal though. Lugaw in itself is already pretty filling. Combined with tokwa, it’s a very hearty meal. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

Joel and I had this for dinner last night, and he said he loved it 🙂 Another win for Filipino foods! 😀 He also said he particularly liked the tokwa dipping sauce, which is soy sauce + vinegar + lots of onion and garlic + ground black pepper + ginger + sugar + red pepper flakes (I didn’t have siling labuyo AKA bird’s eye chili) all mixed together.

Mugen creepin'
                                                                           Mugen creepin’

I also made some bean sprout stir-fry (see my previous Bento Baon post) and I love eating it with tokwa, so I’m not sure if I’ll have enough tokwa left, but I plan to make some tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork) next time in the immediate future. That is another winner in my book; absolutely up there when it comes to my favorite foods in the whole entire universe, bar none.


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