Bento Baon: Leftover General Tso’s Chicken

I packed the last of our Chinese takeout in Joel’s bento for today.


To make it more substantial, I made some more chopsuey (I just love that stuff) and some tamagoyaki, along with some rice.

There wasn’t enough General Tso’s for me to pack in my tupperware, but no complaints here. The tamagoyaki and chopsuey will be plenty for me. Also, like I mentioned, I love chopsuey!

We sure will be ordering more Chinese takeout from hereon out since we have a new favorite Chinese place that’s only 0.97 miles away (yep, I checked Google Maps), so no delivery charge! Their lo mein was amazing too; Joel said it’s most likely the best lo mein he’s ever had. As for the General Tso’s, he said it’s pretty up there. I can’t wait to try their other menu items. I’m eyeing the pan fried noodles and beef in hot garlic sauce. Hnggg …


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