Arroz Caldo (Filipino Congee)

It’s been gloomy and rainy for the past couple of days here in Austin. In my book, this type of weather calls for one thing: a hot, steaming bowl of arroz caldo.


I didn’t even plan on making this today; it just sort of came together. One quick look at my pantry, and I realized I had everything needed to make this dish.

Arroz caldo, also known as lugaw, is the Filipino equivalent of the Chinese’s congee or rice porridge. It’s delicious, aromatic, warm, and comforting. It’s my hometown in a bowl.

IMG_20160821_144323Even Joel was saying the aroma of it made him feel all warm and cozy inside, like home. I love sharing meals that I grew up eating with him. And I love it even more when he ends up liking them.

I topped the arroz caldo off with some fried garlic bits (delicious!), green onions, and hard-boiled egg. I will never get tired of eating this. 🙂IMG_20160821_144358



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