Bento Baon: Easing Back Into It

Long time, no post!


Happy to be back. I have been swamped at work with pre and post-conference tasks that’s why I haven’t updated my blog with my bento baon.

I’m still trying to ease back into it; I haven’t even used one of my real bento boxes, but I’ll be back into the regular swing of things in no time. 🙂

For my lunch tomorrow, I’m bringing some of the chicken pot pie pasta I made over the weekend, along with some broccoli and leftover chopsuey.

Strategically placing those black sesame seeds was actually quite therapeutic. 🙂 Can’t wait for lunch!



2 thoughts on “Bento Baon: Easing Back Into It

  1. How you have placed the black sesame seeds is way too cute!

    What’s in the cute panda container?

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