Tapsilog Onigirazu

Onto my second undertaking in trying to fuse together the Filipino Silog meals and Japanese Onigirazu.

The first in the series is the Spamsilog Onigirazu, which, if I do say so myself, was quite a success! I can’t really claim to be the mind behind it though; people have been making it before me. And there’s the Spam Musubi, which is I suppose the original version of it.

Anyhow, this time I made Tapsilog Onigirazu!


Here’s how I made the Tapsilog Onigirazu:

  1. I actually made my own beef tapa. I didn’t get a chance to chronicle it here though. Basically, I got some skirt steak and marinated it in garlic (lots!), some vinegar,  soy sauce, salt and pepper, and a little bit of sugar. I didn’t use exact measurements, but for anyone interested, you can follow this beef tapa recipe. I kept it in the fridge overnight, and then baked it for about 30 minutes in 350 degrees. After cooking the tapa, prepare your tapsilog onigirazu ingredients. Here I have the following:
  • Fried eggs
  • Sushi rice seasoned with garlic salt and pepper with some green onions
  • Beef tapa
  • Nori (Dried seaweed)
  • Tomatoes
    IMG_20160718_1725562. Lay a piece of cling film on a flat surface. Place a sheet of nori (shiny side down) on top of it. Spread a thin layer of rice in the center of the nori.IMG_20160718_1729063. Put the fillings on top of the rice in a single layer. I did it in the following order: beef tapa, egg, tomatoes.IMG_20160718_173017 IMG_20160718_173031 IMG_20160718_1731024. Spread another thin layer of rice on top. IMG_20160718_1731505. Pull the edges of the nori towards the center using the plastic wrap, pressing the nori firmly onto the rice. Peel back the plastic wrap. Seal the onigirazu with the cling wrap, seal side down. Press it down gently so the rice holds its shape. Let it sit for a few minutes.IMG_20160718_1733406. Wet your knife and slice the onigirazu in half. Make sure to remember which side you want to cut in half so all the fillings will be seen from a cross-section view.IMG_20160718_174500

All the components of this dish was delicious! The beef tapa, the egg, the rice. However, I think I prefer eating tapsilog off a plate 🙂



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