Bento Baon: Bottom Tiers Only

I’m only showing the bottom tiers of Joel’s and my bento lunches for Hump Day.


The usuals that are going into our lunches today are:

  • Onigiri – tried to be extra decorative with the criss-crossing seaweed and omelette strips
  • Tamagoyaki – immediately after cooking, I removed the omelette from the pan and placed it onto a bamboo sushi mat to wrap it up.  I then let it stand for about five minutes before unrolling it.
  • Chicken Meatballs – dinner leftover
  • Assorted veggies

As for the bottom tiers, I just filled them up with raw broccoli and red bell peppers for munching.

It’s still quite tremendously hectic for me at work for the past couple of days so I’m trying to just hang in there. I’m also trying to take care of my US citizenship application. Already encountered a hurdle in that area though since I got a biometric appointment the same day as the first of my three-day work out-of-town conference. Gahh, but I’m taking care of it.

For now, I’m quite pleased with these bento lunches.


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