Bento Baon: Spinach and Red Bell Pepper Tamagoyaki

I love me some tamagoyaki, so it’s going into my bento lunchbox to start off the work week.

I took a little unplanned hiatus from preparing bento lunches recently. It’s getting tremendously busy at work for me since our annual conference is coming up, and it was taking over my whole psyche. =/ The busy season hasn’t ended yet, but I’m going to try to not let that stop me from doing fun, enjoyable things to help maintain balance in my everyday life – and that involves making bento lunches! ^_^


I kept my bento baon┬ásimple and basic to usher in the work week. Ever since I learned how to make heart-shaped tamagoyaki I’ve been fond of incorporating it into my bento. Joel’s isn’t pictured since he’s just getting some assorted veggies, like what’s in my top tier. He’ll be making himself some fresh hot pockets for lunch instead. I also packed the last of the leftover garlic-roasted chicken thighs in my lunchbox.


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