Bento Baon: Featuring Chinese Sausage Onigiri

I got some Chinese chorizo (aka Chinese sausage) at my recent trip to the Asian store. I forgot how much I love that stuff! I wanted to incorporate it in our bento for today, so I thought I’d make some Chinese sausage onigiri (rice ball).


I didn’t even have to look up a recipe for this type of onigiri because I thought “Why wouldn’t it work?” You can pair up any meats (like this sausage) with rice on my opinion.

Ahh, Chinese Chorizo and rice – and pair beautifully it did.

All I had to do was mince the Chinese sausage, mix it with the rice, and form the rice ball. I also ended up adding the scraps from the carrot flowers I made to the rice and Chinese sausage mixture. Instead wrapping up the rice ball with nori, I cut up strands of the dried seaweed and did a criss-cross wrap. I’ve seen this type of criss-cross nori wrap on onigiri, and I thought I’d attempt to do it as well. 🙂


Those tiny yellow things are eggs!


I had these silicone cups in the shapes of animal heads, so I thought of hard-steaming the eggs in them to form the head shapes. This was a last-minute addition, and I thought it ended up being pretty cute. 🙂

The cups were tiny, but they were quite deep. I only used one egg, but ended up with six molds; I cut up each shapes in half .

IMG_20160706_205156I also tried my hand at tamago nigiri sushi with these eggs. 🙂 I put some rice into these molds to shape them and wrapped the egg and rice with a strip of nori.


I might have packed too much food in our bento boxes, but it’s all good.

Here’s the other items in our bento: bean-sprout stir-fry, baked garlic chicken thighs, chopped up mushroom patties, and some chopped Chinese chorizo.






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