Spamsilog Onigirazu

Behold, the first in my Silog-Onigirazu Hybrid series.

It’s Spamsilog Onigirazu! ^___^


I mentioned a while back that I would like to morph the Filipino silog meals with the Japanese onigirazu. I’ve also seen a lot of onigirazu variations with egg – making it an ideal transformation for any type of silog.

Silog is a suffix for SInangag (fried rice) and itLOG (egg). They’re mainly breakfast foods, but it’s perfect for any time of the day. They come in many combinations and are all extremely delicious in my humble opinion. You can find tons of silog eateries all over the Philippines.

Here’s how I made the Spamsilog Onigirazu.

  1. Fry up the spam. Those who don’t like Spam most probably had it without preparing it the right way (i.e. eating it straight out of the can is a major no-no.) It’s very important to  fry up the spam to get those crispy edges. It needs that crispy brown on the outside. Totally changes the flavor. I used the low-sodium spam by the way, because let’s face it, these are sodium bombs.IMG_20160705_1722432. Fry up your eggs. I prefer the yolk thoroughly cooked (not runny), so it’s not messy when you slice the rice sandwich. You can also scramble the eggs, I just like the white and yellow color combination when you cut into the onigirazu. IMG_20160705_1726363. Set your eggs and spam aside along with your other rice sandwich ingredients. Here I have lettuce and tomatoes. IMG_20160705_1733064. Prepare the rice. This isn’t exactly fried. I need the rice to stick together, so I used sushi rice. I seasoned it with soy sauce and ground black pepper and added some chopped green onions. No exact measurements here, just season and taste as you go. I should have remembered to add toasted garlic, too! Next time, I definitely will.IMG_20160705_1739425. Lay a piece of cling film on a flat surface. Place a sheet of nori (shiny side down) on top of it. IMG_20160705_1742296. Spread a thin layer of rice in the center of the nori.  IMG_20160705_1743297. Spread the fillings on top of the rice – one by one. I did it in the following order: lettuce, a drizzle of ketchup, tomatoes, spam, and egg.IMG_20160705_174353 IMG_20160705_174420 IMG_20160705_174437 IMG_20160705_1744478. Spread another thin layer of rice on top.IMG_20160705_1745289. Pull the edges of the nori towards the center using the plastic wrap, pressing the nori firmly onto the rice. Peel back the plastic wrap. Seal the onigirazu with the cling wrap, seal side down. Press it down gently so the rice holds its shape. Let it sit for a few minutes.IMG_20160705_17520310. Wet your knife and slice the onigirazu in half. Make sure to remember which side you want to cut in half so all the fillings will be seen from a cross-section view.


IMG_20160705_175828 (1)


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