Sheep Onigiri (Rice Ball)

I saw a how-to on making sheep onigiri from yesterday, so I thought I’d prepare some for my bento. It was quite easy and fun! Here’s my version:

IMG_20160629_213542, which I’m really excited to discover, provided simple, easy-to-follow instructions for the sheep onigiri. I tried chronicling my attempt as well:

  1. Prepare the onigiri and form them into an oval shape . I filled mine with tuna and mayonnaise with minced onion and seasoned with sriracha, salt, and pepper. IMG_20160629_2041282. Cut salami (I didn’t have ham on hand) into circles for the sheep’s face, and then cut off the sides to make the ears. IMG_20160629_203303 IMG_20160629_2035543. Arrange the salami pieces on top of the onigiri to make the sheep’s face and ears. I ended up cutting the ears in half to make them smaller; they were looking like Dachshund ears in the photo below lol. IMG_20160629_2049104. Use nori to make the eyes. I didn’t have a hole punch and my scissors were quite big so I had some difficulty cutting out the small nori pieces.IMG_20160629_2100265. Finished, yay!IMG_20160629_214923

My next post will be how I packed our bento boxes with these adorable onigiri.





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