Bento Baon: Tuna-mayo Sheep Onigiri and Heart-shaped Spinach Tamagoyaki

Thursdays are always hard for me. It’s like my body knows it’s almost the weekend, so it makes it extra tough for me to get up in the morning.

Anticipating my Thursday blues, I spent a good chunk of my Wednesday night preparing something cute and adorable for our bento baon the next day.

I came up with these:


I’m rather pleased with these kyaraben (or charaben/decoben), which is a term for elaborately arranged bento. I made my first kyaraben a while back, and it was actually quite enjoyable to prepare.

The main components of our bento, which are the sheep rice balls and spinach tamagoyaki are simple to make. I also already have the other food items ready, so arranging the boxes didn’t take a long time at all.


I’m particularly happy about the heart-shaped spinach tamagoyaki I was able to whip up – thanks to this handy-dandy guide.


These are also special bento baons because today, June 30th,  is Joel’s and my 4th wedding anniversary! Whoa, time flies! Can’t wait to spend the rest of the day with him.



2 thoughts on “Bento Baon: Tuna-mayo Sheep Onigiri and Heart-shaped Spinach Tamagoyaki

  1. This is so cute, Erika! I like the sheep, they look so peaceful – as if they would definitely help you survive that Thursday. You gave me an idea for swapping my kids’ school sandwiches for something fun. Thanks!

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