Faux Chicken Afritada

I wanted to make chicken afritada, but I was out of tomato sauce.


What I did find in my cupboard was a pork and beans sachet I brought back from my last trip to the Philippines.


I didn’t really like this stuff growing up. I do remember always having a stock of canned pork and beans though. Since it’s tomato-based I decided to give it a whirl and make chicken afritada using this tiny little packet.

As you probably can tell, there wasn’t enough of the pork and beans to put in my dish. I ended up adding some some soy sauce, fish sauce, tomato ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce into the mix and adjusting the seasoning as I go; I didn’t really follow any measurements. I did the usual steps in making afritada and let it simmer until the potatoes and carrots are fork tender.


Aaand it works!





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