Bento Baon: Pancit Canton and Onigiri

I tried to be more decorative with our bento boxes this time.



I busted out my  adorably-shaped cutters and made some tiny hearts and flowers out of steamed carrots and a thin omelette. It makes preparing my bento more enjoyable.

Packing these lunches didn’t take a long time at all; mainly because I already had the pancit canton (Filipino chow mein) and rice for the onigiri (rice ball) and even the flower-shaped carrots ready.

The rice balls don’t have any fillings; I just sprinkled some salmon furikake onto the rice and mixed in the omelette scraps from the heart-shaped omelette before I started shaping the rice.

As you can see, Joel’s bento was extra cheesy, and not because I added in any cheese lol (ba-dum-tss). I just thought it would be more fun to make it rather cutesy haha.

IMG_20160607_193246 (1)

As for my bento, I’m not even going to pretend that those sriracha dots are anything but artsy lol. That’s kind of a lame attempt at #foodart, but I’ll try to do better next time!


And I know these pictures are not the best quality =/ It’s really a challenge to find good lighting in my kitchen. Not to toot my own horn, these lunches taste delicious though, so I have that going for me. 😀


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