Bento Baon: Soy-braised pork and mushrooms

I had to work from home today, but I still got to enjoy my bento that I packed the night before. The main feature is leftover soy-braised pork and mushrooms.

It was raining and thundering this morning, so I decided to just work from home. Good thing I was still able to get some work stuff done, with the added bonus of staying home with Joel (he works from home, too) and Mugen. I usually don’t get the luxury of working from home, but I didn’t want to risk being out with the weather we

I also followed my usual schedule of taking a lunch break around 11 am with an episode of Criminal Minds on Netflix. I’m pretty obsessed with that show right now. I’ve watched a few episodes here and there, but I figured I should just start at the beginning and watch the episodes in order.


What’s in my bento:

Top tier: Cut up carrots and red bell peppers with some ranch for dipping, a few pieces of chocolate-covered pretzels

Bottom tier: Some white rice sprinkled with a little bit of furikake, soy-braised mushrooms and pork



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