Nothing like a good, delicious rice bowl meal to make everything better.

I adapted a recipe for Oyakodon (chicken and egg bowl) from Japanesecooking101.com. I would say it’s a loose adaptation for several reasons: a) I didn’t follow the measurements of the ingredients; b) I didn’t have Sake; and c) I used fish sauce instead of dashi. I had a dashi packet but the label said it was past its Best Before Date, so I decided to just toss it out. =/

Despite the power surge breaking our TV yesterday, Joel and I had to regroup  and collect ourselves. We were starving after our run, so I made this quick dinner and we sat down and tried to enjoy it.

Fortunately, my first attempt at Oyakodon was a success. Despite missing some of the ingredients, it still came out quite tasty. I’m pretty sure I’ve ordered something like this before and I think it’s not too far off from the orginal flavors from what I can remember.
IMG_20160531_175546 (1)

Rice ✓. Chicken ✓. Egg ✓.  Sweet and salty sauce ✓. This dish has ‘comfort food’ written all over it. I added more chopped up green onions in our bowls because we just love that stuff.


It definitely did make us feel better after eating dinner.

Now, we do have to figure out if the TV is fixable or if we’ll need to purchase a new one. Oh well such is life. At least Joel and I still get to share meals together. That’s what’s more important.




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