Bento Baon: Quick Salad

I was actually going to make a more elaborate bento than what I came up with but events that transpired last night bummed me and Joel pretty hard and affected my bento-making schedule.


I was even watching bento videos on Nigiricco’s channel Youtube while I was running on the treadmill after work, getting all amped up about packing our lunches later that night.

It was raining cats and dogs with lightning and thunder over my side of Austin while we were at the gym within our apartment complex. Joel and I didn’t really think much of it since it’s been raining and thundering for the past few days, but it only last for a couple of hours each day.

Anyway, we got to our building and sirens and fire alarms were blaring. We also saw a fire truck and a couple of firemen walking around the complex.

Thankfully, there were no fires in the building. However, a lightning did strike our apartment while we were out. The maintenance people said an internal fuse blew causing a power surge. And it broke our TV. 😦

It really sucks because we’ve only had it for a little over a year, and aside from our car, the TV was one of Joel and my first adult purchases. I was especially sad for Joel because he loved that TV. He’s looking into trying to fix it right now. Apparently power surges breaking TV’s are pretty common. That’s pretty shitty though.

I’m also feeling a little sad because I’ve heard some unsettling news  about my family back home. All I can say is it pains me so immensely that I’m not there with them and leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Anyway, it’s hard to be a functioning adult when you’re going through some shit. I’ll just try to get my head on straight and not focus on my problems. Packing my lunches and eating at peace on my lunch break while I turn Netflix on keeps me sane. I’m glad I get to do that.

What’s in my bento:

Top tier: Chocolate-covered pretzels, almonds, grapes, ranch dressing mix in my little condiment container

Bottom tier: An assortment of chopped up veggies: lettuce, spinach, carrot, red bell pepper, and pickles. I also chopped up a hard-boiled egg.

I tried packing a sliced apple in previous bento boxes, but I think I prefer it whole. Cutting it up and storing it in the fridge affects the texture.



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