Filipino Burger Steak with Mushroom Gravy

I didn’t even plan to have burger steak today, but somehow it did happen. And everything felt good and right in the world.

I cooked the last of my ranch burgers so Joel and I could have them for lunch today. But as I was frying the patties, I had the biggest craving for Filipino burger steak. And so I followed my stomach heart.

Similar to Hawaii’s Loco Moco, Filipino burger steak is composed of white rice, burger patties, gravy, and fried egg. It’s definitely a good ole’ Filipino comfort food.

I shaped the patties quite small, but I actually prefer them the size of sliders. 🙂


I also made some mushroom gravy, and my god I could bathe in that stuff. 😀


Joel still had the burger sliders for lunch while I enjoyed my Filipino burger steak. I loved making this dish. It was quite easy too since I already made the patties. I daresay my burger steak with mushroom gravy is better than Jollibee’s in my humble opinion. There, I said it. Haha 🙂 Still love you and miss you Jollibee! Nothing will and can ever fill that void!



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