Bento Baon: Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milkfish)

Recovering from a long weekend is almost always hard. To help me get back to regular programming at work, I packed my lunch with, I would say, one of my top five Filipino dishes: Rellenong Bangus.


I know I’ve described one too many dishes “my favorite Filipino food,” but rellenong bangus has got to be way at the top. It’s milkfish deboned, cooked, flaked, stuffed, and pan fried until the skin is crispy.

Sadly, I didn’t make the rellenong bangus; I bought the cooked frozen relleno (Saranggani Bay brand) at my last trip to the Asian store. Even though it was overpriced at about $10, I wanted to give it a try. Preparing this dish is a whole tedious process, so I thought I’d just get the ready-made kind.

It did taste quite authentic, and I’m excited to pack it in my bento. The bangus doesn’t look that appealing in the photo below, but rest assured that it’s delicious. I poured some banana ketchup in one of my tiny condiment containers as I love mixing it in with the rice and bangus.


I also made a quick onigiri to go into my bento.


The top tier consists of leftover chopsuey and mushroom adobo.


I used lettuce as a baran (food separator), and the green really did liven up the box. I’m a little bit disappointed that I didn’t really showcase the bangus in this bento, but I’m still excited to dig into my lunch at work! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Bento Baon: Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milkfish)

  1. When I spent my time in the US, I also bought that overpriced rellenong bangus! Although it tastes good, I felt like I could do it myself. I’ll let you know when I get the chance to try doing it 🙂

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