Bento Baon: Giniling Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich)

The giniling saga ends here.

And I incorporated it into an onigirazu.


I used the last of my giniling last night by mixing it in with some fried rice – and it came out delicious! Aside from tortang giniling, giniling fried rice (sinangag in Filipino) is another way I remember my mom would reuse that dish. Joel and I had it for dinner along with some fried eggs and asparagus.

There were some leftovers, so I decided to pack it for our bento baon.

I made a giniling rice onigirazu  for Joel’s bento and cooked an extra egg over easy. I also added a variety of sides to go into his box: apple slices, red and green bell peppers with ranch for dipping, grapes, and chocolate-covered pretzels.

Here’s a quick GIF of how I prepared the giniling onigirazu:


In a previous post, I also made step-by-step photo instructions on how to make onigirazu. The beauty of it is it allows you to add whatever fillings you want! And it’s definitely easier to make than its cousin, onigiri as it requires no shaping techniques.


I want to believe that I made the last of my giniling justice by transforming it into this deliciousness. 🙂

And here’s my baon:


There wasn’t enough giniling fried rice for another onigirazu, but it’s all good.

I did cook some nori tamagoyaki to add in my bento. I wasn’t successful the first time I tried making it, but perhaps second time’s the charm (and trying out a different technique helps a lot, too lol). Instead of rolling a sheet of nori along with the egg, I simply crushed in into little pieces and sprinkled the bits onto the egg as I was rolling it in the pan.  It was easier and I still did achieve the “zebra” effect in the tamagoyaki.

What’s in my bento:

Top tier: grapes and red bell peppers with ranch for dipping

Bottom tier: some assorted frozen veggies that I made into a quick stir-fry, giniling fried rice, nori tamagoyaki




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