Bento Baon: There’s Still Some Giniling Somewhere in There

So I’ve been packing the giniling for the last two weeks in Joel’s and my work lunches. Yes, I’m still at the must-eat-all-the-giniling stage lol. Don’t get me wrong: giniling is delicious and is still one of my all-time favorites. But I’m getting quite sick of it to be honest. I shouldn’t have made a huge batch since it’s just Joel and me who were going to eat it. Oh well. Lesson learned.

So yes, there’s still some giniling somewhere in these packed lunches…

IMG_20160524_202754 IMG_20160524_201449

The giniling is in Joel’s bento. 🙂


I used it as a filling in his bagel sandwich – which I’m sure he’ll appreciate – along with some egg salad. Among other things I packed in his lunch are: red bell peppers with ranch for dipping, baked crunchy asparagus I previously made, some chocolate-covered pretzels, and grapes.

And here’s my bento baon – which I’m really excited to dig into :).

Top tier: Asparagus stir-fried in Knorr liquid seasoning (one of my favorite Filipino condiments!), rice sprinkled with a little bit of tamago furikake


Bottom tier: Chopsuey!IMG_20160524_202806

With a special appearance of my ginisang munggo (stir-fried mung beans) in a mini tupperware 🙂






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