Baked Crunchy Asparagus Rolls

Crunchy and delicious. These baked asparagus rolls are a hit in my book.



As I was perusing the mighty internetz during downtime at work for bento ideas, I came across this recipe for crunchy asparagus rolls. I thought it looked so delicious! However, I didn’t really want to fry the vegetable, so I tried looking for a baked version – and yes, I did find it! šŸ™‚

The recipe I found called for parmesan cheese. I didn’t have any on hand, I just used some garlic salt and pepper for seasoning. For exact measurements of all the ingredients, please refer to the links above.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Preheat the oven to 425Ā°F/220Ā°C. Wash the asparagus and snap off the bottom inch or so using your fingers.
  2. Prepare the batter. I put the panko that I seasoned with garlic salt and pepper in one ziploc bag and the flour in another. I also beat two eggs in a bowl.


3. Put the asparagus in the flour bag, Ā dip into theĀ egg bowl, and then put in the panko bag and shake until coated evenly (I worked in batches.) Arrange the asparagus in a single layerĀ on the greased baking sheet.IMG_20160523_175730

4. Bake for 10-12 minutes. That’s it – baked crunchy asparagus. Read on to see how I made them into rolls šŸ™‚


5. Lay the nori shiny side down on the bamboo mat, Spread a thin layer of sushi rice evenly across the edge, leaving about an inch border at the top edge.IMG_20160523_183554

6. Place the asparagus across theĀ rice. Use the bamboo mat to roll up the nori with the filling. Roll and press firmly until you reach the end of the roll. Wet your fingertips so the rice doesn’t stick to your hands.


7. Wet your knife and cut the roll into equal segments.


Some notes:

  • I could haveĀ used more asparagus as fillings. I didn’t realize they were too thin.
  • Since the original baked recipe I found called for parmesan cheese and I didn’t have any, I should have been more heavy handed on the seasonings I used. TheĀ results were pretty bland for my taste, but dipping the rolls in soy sauce (or ranch if I’m just going to have the asparagus alone), gets rid of the slight blandness.



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