Bento Baon: Giniling Pa More

Yes, I still have some giniling left haha.

I put half of the giniling I cooked in the freezer last week, and now it’s time to eat it this week. Good thing neither Joel nor I don’t really get tired of leftovers. However, with that being said, I’m also ready to move on to other dishes I can pack in our bento baon lol.

I didn’t pack carbs (A.K.A.rice) in this bento. I’m going to try to pick a day (or two) out of the week when I’ll only consume rice for at least one meal. I’m getting really close to my goal weight – and aside from trying to step it up on my runs, I’ll try to do some minor tweaking in my calorie counting as well. I’ll see how that goes…

No bento baon for Joel tomorrow as he’ll have some of the leftover pizza we had over the weekend. 🙂


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