Bento Baon: Quick Lunch with a Side of Chocolate Brownie


I quickly prepared this lunch before leaving for work in the morning because last night was one of those nights when I didn’t have enough energy to prepare my baon.

I got to give myself some props though; I could have easily just resorted to ordering Chinese for lunch today, enumerating excuses like “It’s Friday” and “It’s been a long week”   and “I deserve this.” But 1) I didn’t order takeout; 2) It has been a long week at work (a particularly long work day yesterday); and 3) Yes, I could definitely go for some delicious beef lo mein right about now.

Instead I got up earlier this morning, skipped curling my hair, and packed my lunch instead. I didn’t have to make Joel’s lunch because he’s going to have the bento I made for him the other day since he wasn’t able to eat it for lunch yesterday. He was craving some hot pockets (lol I don’t blame him – hot pockets are the shizz especially when Taco Bell’s fire sauce is drizzled generously on top of it), and we got the whole wheat kind so it’s not as bad.

As for my baon, it’s still leftovers galore:


Top tier: An assortment of carrots and red and green bell peppers plus some ranch for dipping

Bottom tier: Tortang giniling (crumbled lol) with ketchup and chopped green onions on top, some sun-dried tomato and basil crackers (my favorite!), and some egg salad with a piece of pickle on top, and a small piece of chocolate brownie 🙂




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