Kitchen Mishap: Nori Tamagoyaki

I thought I pretty much got making tamagoyaki down – even without having a tamagoyaki pan: GIF proof here.

Thus, I tried to step it up by incorporating nori into the rolled omelette.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.


I thought I’d make some tamagoyaki to go into my and Joel’s bento. I was hoping to achieve these results. Instead, my omelette didn’t want to roll up lol.

I didn’t pull up a recipe to reference or anything as I cooked the nori tamagoyaki. However, I did see several bento videos of it being I made, so I went on ahead thinking I got this in the bag. I believe I did the first three steps right.

Everything came crumbling down when it was time to roll the omelette. Cue being dramatic here.

The wound is still fresh haha, so without reliving the experience too much, here’s a photo collage of my kitchen mishap for the day. At the end, I even employed Joel’s help to help me roll the dang egg, but alas, our attempts were fruitless.

Behold, the exact moment captured on video when I decided to abort Mission Nori Tamagoyaki:

I did manage to get some “rolled omelette” with seaweed at the end, it just wasn’t the outcome I was hoping to achieve. I also put the pieces I got in the bento baon I packed. Oh well, I’ll do better next time.

After the failed tamagoyaki attempt, I decided to stick to what I know and make garlic bagoong (shrimp paste) sinangag (fried rice) instead with some leftover Spam. It was delicious! 🙂




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