Bento Baon: My Very First Kyaraben

Sunday nights mean I have more time preparing baon for the next day. I’ve decided to step up my bento game by attempting to prepare my very first kyaraben.


For my first kyaraben, I made Rilakumma onigiri with some of the giniling I cooked. I’m loving the fact that my bento is practically a fusion of Japanese and Filipino dishes.

While I enjoy trying out different Japanese recipes, I like sticking to my Filipino cooking roots. The term “Bento Baon,” which is what I decided to call this series of posts on my blog stemmed from Japanese and Filipino words: Bento  is a Japanese term for packed meals and “Baon” is the Filipino translation of it. Giniling is one of my favorite foods. Tortang giniling or ground meat omelette, is another one of my favorites that I always make from leftover giniling. I already can’t wait to make another Japanese-Filipino fushion bento baon for next time. Stay tuned…

I added some spinach tamagoyaki and steamed broccoli in the bento. I also put some baby corn and red bell peppers in it.


I’m fairly happy with this bento. 🙂 I’m probably not going to be making kyaraben as frequently because it’s pretty time consuming, but I wouldn’t mind doing it from time to time.

My bento is not quite as elaborate as Joel’s, but that’s okay. I can’t wait to dig into lunch at work. 🙂



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