Bento Baon: Quick Chicken Wrap

I was feeling a tad lazy preparing a bento baon the night before, so I whipped up a quick chicken wrap in the morning before leaving for work.


I already knew whipping something up last night was improbable; I was feeling extra groggy after a long work and run day; it was also a Wednesday so I was caught up in midweek woes. Anyway, enough with the excuses. I knew I just needed to wake up earlier the next morning to prepare Joel’s and my bento baon. And I was already making my peace with that as I relaxed lazily on the couch with Joel eating ice cream and watching our favorite anime shows. šŸ˜‰

Good thing I already had the ingredients ready (and semi-ready) for Joel’s chicken wrap. I quickly assembled the wrap with the cooked chicken I had ready in the fridge, cut up some red and green bell peppers and tomatoes, heated those up in the microwave real quick, and drizzled on some ranch, Sriracha, and tequila-lime salsa. Oh and I added some shredded cheese. You gotz to have some cheese.

I wanted to give myself a pat in the back because not only did I wake up earlier to prepare our baon this morning, I also was able to finish getting ready for work, with enough time to curl my hair Ā and make some coffee to boot. Haha achievement unlocked.

Joel didn’t know I prepared his lunch for today šŸ™‚ I like surprising him with little stuff like this. He works hard everyday. Some people think that just because he works from home and is freelance, he gets it easy. Truth is it takes a certain amount of discipline and motivation to do that, and honestly, I don’t think I’m cut out for it. There’s way too many distractions that come with working from home, andĀ I don’t believe I can have Ā single thing done if it were me.

Honestly though, the wrapĀ could have looked better if I remembered to hold the the piecesĀ together with some of the adorable food picks I have, but alas, morning scrambling got the better of me. There’s always next time. But ugh looking at the picture is killing me, I SHOULD have used my panda food picks. But like I mentioned in a previous post, I shall not be too hung up on making my bento pretty .

Again, I didn’t bring a full lunch bento baon for work because my co-worker said she’ll bring food for us to share.

This is my snack bento:


Top tier: Flower-shaped cheese, grapes, carrot sticks and like three pieces of flower-shaped carrots lol

Bottom tier: Apple slices (I cut the apple into pieces and soaked them in salt water for a while because I read that that will prevent it from browning. Hopefully I left it soaking in salt water long enough), some Reese’s minis.



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