Bento Baon: Egg Salad Sandwich

I love a good egg salad sandwich. Moist, creamy, practically healthy. Add some green onions in there, and I’m in heaven.

I don’t have a gratuitous photo of the egg salad I made last night, but rest assured  that “heart”-shaped sandwich is filled with it. I whipped up a pretty big batch of it, and now it’s just chilling in the fridge – available for when I want it, need it.

And yes, that is supposed to be a heart-shaped sandwich lol. I used the biggest heart in the cutter set I got. I wasn’t particularly successful in obtaining my desired shape as the bread wasn’t big enough. Sad

Nonetheless, I’m quite happy with this box. I added some other items in the box for Joel’s bento. And here’s mine:


This isn’t a “full lunch” because I was supposed to share lunch with my co-worker – unfortunately, she didn’t make it to work today. I’m glad I brought this snack bento or else I would be starving lol.

Bottom tier (pictured on top): Some egg salad that I put in a silicone cup, some grapes, a few pieces of Hello Panda, and the bread scraps from Joel’s sandwich lol (I didn’t have the heart to throw them away!)

Top tier (pictured at the bottom): Carrot sticks. almonds, grapes



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