Mission Sushi Roll: Fairly Possible

Still on a Japanese food streak, I decided to make some sushi rolls. These are by no means the traditional sushi Jiro-sensei would be oh so proud of. However, I like to believe these aren’t what his sushi nightmares are made of either.


For starters, I didn’t use any raw seafood – nor fish for that matter. I know, que horror! Jiro-sensei, don’t lose faith in me! However, I do know that “sushi” literally translates to “vinegared rice.” And that’s one rule I did abide by: using actual sushi rice (shari/short-grain Japanese rice) and adding rice vinegar to it.

Thus, here’s how I prepared my sushi rolls or maki sushi:

1. Prepare your ingredients (rice + fillings). I used carrots and red and green bell peppers that I cut into short, thin strips or julienned.  I also already had my rice cooked and ready – mixed with some rice vinegar. Note: I’m not going to include measurements and stuff on this post. For detailed instructions on how to make sushi rolls, you can check out one of my favorite Japanese food blogs: Just One Cookbook.

2. Lay the nori, shiny side down on the bamboo mat. Spread a thin layer of sushi rice evenly across the nori, leaving about an inch border at the top edge. IMG_20160509_1801513. Place your filling ingredients across the center of the rice. I used teriyaki chicken that I cut into thin strips.IMG_20160509_1803144. Now this next part is quite tricky, and I was having some difficulties while doing it. Use the bamboo mat to roll up the nori with the filling. Press firmly, but make sure you’re applying even pressure as you roll. Continue rolling and pressing firmly until you reach the end of the roll so the sushi maintains its shape. Note: Wet your fingertips so the rice doesn’t stick to your hands.

You don’t want rice sticking to your hands, believe me.


5. Wet your knife (make sure it’s sharp) with a damp towel and cut the roll into equal segments.  IMG_20160509_180836

6. Serve with soy sauce (or wasabi). Eat sushi rolls. Be happy.  🙂

These sushi rolls aren’t perfect, but I like learning as I go. Onto the next kitchen adventure!


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