Bento Baon: Sushi Roll and Gyoza

It’s homemade sushi rolls and gyoza for Joel’s and my bento baon.


I decorated Joel’s bento with some of the julienned vegetables that didn’t quite make it into my sushi filling. I could have probably made it prettier, but I’m loving all the different colors in the box. Looking at pictures of bento lunches on Instagram and Pinterest inspires me, but I have got to remember two important things: 1) Not to get so hung up if I can’t recreate them; and 2) Not to get so bent up on trying to recreate them.

I just got to try my best in making my own bento lunches and having fun with it – because really, that’s what a hobby should be about :).

I’m finally able to use one of two boxes that Joel got me for my birthday. 🙂



I love that it comes with a cute, matching pouch. When I first got it for my birthday, I saw on Amazon that the box it’s not microwave-safe. However, BentoUSA, another online store, is saying otherwise. I asked other bento-enthusiasts online for their input, and majority of them said they’d go by BentoUSA, but to not microwave with the lids on.

I ultimately decided to keep it because it’s from my husband and I love it so much 🙂 Call me sappy, but that’s how I… wait for it… sushi roll. Bah dum tss…

Here’s the contents of my bento:


Top tier: Leftover chicken meatball (from my dumpling filling) with some stir-fried veggies, leftover adobong kangkong (water spinach) with mushrooms.

Bottom tier: Sushi rolls and gyoza along with some julienned carrots and green and red bell peppers. There’s my other adorable soy sauce container eeeek!


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