Bento Baon: Almost Asian

I was kind of going for an Asian-themed bento baon for work tomorrow with my homemade gyoza and stir-fried vegetables, but a Southwestern eggroll made its way into my lunchbox.

Hah, I guess it’s still pretty “Asian” since it’s an eggroll. It was leftover from when Joel and I ate out Saturday before seeing Captain America: Civil War, which I might add is a superb movie; we’re planning on seeing it again this weekend :). I did also make Joel’s bento lunch for tomorrow. His is mainly all leftovers from eating out (sliders and fries – which isn’t the healthiest), and I didn’t make it as “pretty” lol. I did try to “healthy-fy” it by adding some spinach and tomatoes and pickles haha, and I specifically asked him to eat an apple.

What’s in my bento:

Top tier: Southwestern eggroll, stir-fried vegetables: baby corn (which I freaking love!), mushrooms, red and green bell peppers

Bottom tier: Rice topped with furikake, homemade gyoza, steamed carrots, and I used two pieces of the green bell peppers from my stir-fry for a little bit of decoration

I’m super happy to finally be able to use my vegetable cutters. They’re one of my birthday presents from Joel, and they’re the cutest.
I tried them on some steamed carrots, and I gotta tell you, there’s something soothing about cutting up vegetables into adorable little flower shapes.

Joel and I tried them on some cheeses as well, and now we have flower-shaped cheese in the fridge all ready for me to snack on 🙂 That makes me ridiculously happy haha.






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