Panda Rice Ball & Japanese Curry (Kare-Raisu)

Tonight’s dinner is an adorable one. 🙂

Took my obsession to the next level by trying my hand at a panda onigiri. It’s one of the most common rice ball shapes, and for good reason. My nori cuts were quite rough, but I managed to cut the shapes to make out a panda face.


Accidentally erased this picture from my phone, so here’s a screenshot from my Instagram.

I wasn’t even planning on making panda rice balls for dinner; I was set on just reheating some leftovers: rice and the curry I made over the weekend. (Side note: It’s my first time making Japanese curry! I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out 🙂 – especially since it’s a super popular food in Anime. Joel loved the end result too!)

But after seeing pictures upon  pictures of adorable Bento creations, I got inspired to try it. And I’m glad that I did. 🙂

It’s seriously so therapeutic for me looking into trying to make food “pretty” and trying my hand at it. I’m glad I picked up this hobby, and I can’t wait to venture more into it. Onto more food creations!


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