New Obsession: Bento

So this is what has prompted me to revive my little corner on the internet: BENTOing

I can’t pinpoint exactly when my obsession started; I am quite sure it’s got something to do with me trying to eat healthy and minding my portion control (which I am happy to report that I am getting really close to my goal weight!), and my love for all things Kawaii. I’ve seriously been pouring over Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards that feature pictures of hundreds of different kinds of these box lunches, and I swear it’s an art skill. A lot of people can get really creative with these, and I love seeing their creations!

I’ve celebrated my birthday recently (birthday musings are for another blog post) and I asked for some bento things from my husband, and that’s what I received. 🙂


Tonight, while preparing dinner, I was simultaneously getting Joel’s and my bento lunches for tomorrow. It was a lot of fun! Below are what I came up with.

Joel’s: leftover palabok, stir-fry vegetables, chicken meatball (leftover dumpling filling), some hard-boiled egg. I chopped up some green onions and put them in that tiny, blue container so Joel can sprinkle them on top of the palabok once he reheats it. He hasn’t seen this yet and I specifically told him to not open the box until it’s lunch time :).


Mine: Leftover from Joel’s tamagoyaki, some hard-boiled egg, stir-fry veggies, onigiri, chicken meatballs (leftover dumpling filling), carrot sticks (raw). I put a little bit of ranch (to dip the carrot sticks in) and some ketchup (for the meatballs) in those tiny containers.


I love those panda and anime eyes food picks! I can’t wait to start making more bento!



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