Thoughts on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/Your Lie in April

You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.”

Spoilers ahead.

It took a while but Joel and I have finally finished Your Lie in April.

I’m writing this up while listening to the soundtrack, and I’m still feeling quite emotional about the show, so this whole “review” might be convoluted. Also, it’s not so much a review per se, just my thoughts about the program. Plus I’m at work, and I have some stuff I need to finish, but I just have to let all these emotions out lol.

Yes, tears were had while watching that last episode last night. No shame.

First of all, what a masterpiece. From the visuals to the music to the poignant scenes, this anime will take your breath away, and more.

Without repeating the plot, what I took away from this show is that a short life can also be a full life. Kaori took the little time she had left and did what she wanted to do and accomplished the goals she set out for herself. She finally met the one person she wanted to meet her entire life, and fell in love. She broke down the walls and forced her way into his life. And in doing so, she pulled Kousei out from darkest depths and back into the light of center stage. Kaori’s character epitomizes the capabilities of human compassion and empathy. See? Stuff like this can happen. Yeah, she told a lie. Sometimes she was selfish. But doesn’t everybody get to be once in a while?

The ending was done perfectly. It felt real. There was no deus ex machina pulled or miracle happening- this was it. The reality felt by the characters of this show is the same many have to face every day, and the creators did not shy away from that. I’ll be feeling this one for a while, the feels here were real.

As much as I wanted a happily-ever-after ending, I’m very content with how the story ended. Any other way would have been a cop-out, and I applaud the creator/s for such a moving story.

I came in expecting a lot of tears and emotional trauma. I don’t know that I escaped with something so negligible. When I wish to be reminded that I’m human, I know what show I will turn to.

This is a story that will live in my heart for a long time. Like Kousei, the lessons of this show will stick with me forever.



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