Baking Fail

I ordered some stuff off Amazon last week to aid me as I embark on my baking journey: a loaf pan (I can’t wait to make quick breads!), some decent cookie sheets, and a set of silicone baking mats. They came in yesterday, and I was anticipating spending my Friday night after work and my run to break them in.

But the outcome wasn’t too favorable.

Anyway, today’s Friday night and I just got done baking some cookies. The temperature’s gone down way low and it’s raining too, so I thought it’d be a nice chance to spend time in the kitchen baking while it’s pouring out.

I was going to make the Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread I’ve pinned ages ago. I have all the ingredients ready, but the recipe called for room temperature eggs. I wanted to follow the baking instructions to a tee, so I thought I’d let my eggs sit to the required temperature. I couldn’t wait to make something (lol), so I thought I’d try my hand at baking these for the meantime.


So I prepared the ingredients and went on ahead and made some whole wheat lemon sprinkle cookies.

And they’re a total fail.

I’m not exactly sure where I went wrong. But I have a hunch: I used whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour (lol so much for following instructions to a tee. To be fair, I didn’t realize I was making these until last minute. I literally just stumbled across the recipe today, and thought I’d pin it for future reference). I might have zested the lemon too much. I might have put too much lemon juice (I only used one lemon, like what the recipe said, but the cookies have a really strong lemony flavor, making them pretty sour, instead of just a hint of the lemon flavor like what I expected).

As for the baking time, the site said leave them in the oven for about eight minutes. I did six because I was afraid of overcooking them, and I thought I’d adjust the cooking time accordingly after the six-minute mark. The rolled cooking dough wasn’t getting flat, so I added more and more cooking time until I resorted to just flattening them with a spatula.


Anyway, they turned out… not good. I definitely overcooked them because they were pretty hard after I let them cool on the rack.

That was the unabridged version of my baking failure for the day. Oh well. I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow to get more baking ingredients. I’m determined to do more baking this weekend, and I’m not going to let this mistake hinder me. Lol yes I’m quite serious about this whole baking endeavor.  Eventually I would like to get some really awesome baking tools. A Kitchen Aid mixer, perhaps?

In other news, there’s officially 29 days left until I leave for the Philippines! I’ve been straightening out some work stuff over the last few weeks so as my leaving won’t impede the workflow. My boss has been really cool about the whole thing, and I’m really fortunate that my job offers a lot of vacation time. Other than that work has been going fairly good. I’ve been there for a little over a year; my first work anniversary was October 6th.


2 thoughts on “Baking Fail

  1. Your dough looks a little too thick — I bet the flour swap was the culprit. I admittedly love lemon flavor so perhaps they’re not as lightly lemon flavored as I thought, but it is easy to over due the zest and get the bitter white parts. I hope your next recipe is a success!

    1. I know I shouldn’t have used a different kind of flour! Thanks for your comment! Just found your blog and I’m excited to try more recipes 🙂

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