Our weight insecurities stem from one another

So I don’t update my blog for months on end and now I decide to write two posts back to back? Yeah, it’s happening. I was going to write this as a continuation to my earlier post, but I felt this topic has a distinct and separate voice that warranted a post all on its own. Plus it’s my blog and I do what I want lol.

I want to address another issue that comes with making healthier choices for yourself. I can’t say I’ve experienced this myself per se (maybe I have, lol), but it’s definitely out there, and it’s prevalent – not to mention frustratingly and laughably annoying.

People are constantly judged for “going on a diet” and/or for choosing the types of food they consume. Despite the positive changes they try to reinforce within themselves, a subtle contempt and disdain from others always sneak in.

When I’d skip on dessert or a bag of chips or limit how much I ate, people would roll their eyes and seem personally offended that I didn’t want to eat like a horse. Inside I’m just like:

I’ll just have to say this:

Our weight insecurities stem from one another: society, media, advertising – it’s all one judgmental conglomerate. Those who make shitty comments (openly or secretly) about a person’s eating choices are part of the – if not the whole – reason we have a complicated relationship with food.

Ultimately, the opinion/s that should matter to you should come from those who are perfectly aware of your nutritional habits and know why you make the choices you make. All others be damned.


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