I’ve Decided That it’s Time Yet Again for Another Blog Post

So my last post was three months ago, in February *hangs head in shame.*

I know I declared (albeit internally) that I’m going to be giving this whole blogging thing a shot by making it a regular thing, but alas, failure.  However, I would not really call it a failure per se.  I did not completely abandon this space.  I still do have my social media profiles that I constantly update with little snippets of my life when I don’t want to commit to writing a whole entire blog post – especially when it’s just about this amazing banana walnut muffin that just about changed my life or the wings of my eyeliner that were miraculously even. It’s quite reassuring that this little corner on the internet that I’ve claimed my own is still here and is always a place I could go back to whenever I feel the urge to write about something that I’m willing to share publicly.

Anyway, a few life updates is in order:

East Coast Trip

Joel and I did go to Philadelphia in April! We spent our Easter holiday to visit Joel’s brother, David and his wife, Akiko for they will be moving to London for David’s job. That trip was a nice break for us.  It’s been quite a rough couple of years (financially) for me and Joel;  I wouldn’t say that we were hardcore trying to make ends meet, but we were living on a pretty tight budget for the last three years, on top of living in shitty apartments and living with shitty roommates.  We were getting by just fine, but there instances where life really did throw curveballs our way. We’ve always managed to pull through because Joel and I make a pretty good team.  It’s only now that we can say we’ve achieved the elusive financial freedom that people our age do so crave.  Mind you,  we still have to be smart with our personal finances and stuff, but we’re not like other people our age who don’t know jack about being responsible with money. So we looked at this trip as a well-deserved prize from overcoming a lot of hurdles that we had to go through.

Humans of New York ang peg

Although we only spent a day in New York City (it’s a 2-hour drive from Joel’s brother’s place in Philadelphia), we were able to see a lot of the city in one day.  We weren’t able to see the Hayden Planetarium nor the Brooklyn Bridge, but being there is, to say the least, is incredible.  It made me miss the hustle and bustle of living in Manila.  Austin is nice, don’t get me wrong, but Texas is too country for me.  Visiting New York City rekindled the love/hate relationship I’ve come to learn in being a city dweller. Joel, who grew up in the rural part of Michigan, has never experienced living in a big city.  However, he’s constantly expressed the yearning he has for big city living.   I often tease him about being the American but not being “first world enough,” while I’m supposedly the “third world, island girl” but I know more about being street and urban than him.  After our East Coast trip, talks about wanting to live in a big city and seeing and experiencing new places constantly come up in our daily conversations.  Although we haven’t really decided on it (really, on anything) yet, we’re in consensus that we’re ready for a new adventure in our lives.  We’re young. We have but one life.  We want to enrich it by experiencing new things together.  And what is more exciting than taking risks with your best friend and partner? Some of the best things that ever happen in life happen because you said “yes” to something. I know that much. So whether it’s saying yes to New York City, or yes to teaching English abroad, it’s reassuring that I’ll be saying yes with Joel. Also, I’ll just leave this quote here from one of my favorite movies, Into the Wild:

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

On Being 26

April 28th marked 26 years of my solar cycle. That’s just my fancy schmancy way of saying it was my birthday. I gotta say though, now that I’m older, birthdays are weird to me. It’s not that I’m suffering from an existential crisis or anything like that, but I fear that that where I might be heading. Isaac Newton was 23 years old when he discovered the law of universal gravitation, Albert Einstein was 26 when he wrote some important paper (the topic escapes me) that would later win him a Nobel Prize, Charles Darwin was 22 when he embarked on a voyage around the world. J.K. Rowling was 25 when she conjured up the story of Harry Potter. Erika was 26 when she… uhmm.

You know what though, there’s nothing to be ashamed about.  I have a good job, a wonderful marriage, I love the life I’ve created with Joel, I’m not a shitty person, my winged eyeliner is almost, always even,  and I know how to cook and clean. Boom panis.

However, not to sound morbid or anything, but another year older is another year closer to your death. Heck, each passing second brings you closer to that one inevitable occurence.  Not that I’m afraid of death – that is a bold statement for sure, but if anything, I’m curious.  I’m not that big of a pessimist (yet) to think we’ll all just end up buried in the ground. I’d like to think that after death we’d all come to know the secrets of the universe.

You know what, since I’m spewing out morbidity anyway, how’s this for a thought: blowing out birthday candles on your cake is a kind of a strange tradition that represents how your existence will eventually be extinguished.


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