Sunny Weekend

After cold, gray, and rainy skies, the sun has finally shown over the weekend. Although it was still a cool 8 degrees Celsius (brrrr), there’s just something about seeing pretty, blue skies with sunshine that, no pun intended, brightens any day.

So Joel, Mugen, and I took advantage of the long awaited return of the sun and went on a bunch of walks.


It was nice.

It was pretty much a chill weekend where we just stayed in, and I have no complaints. We ate leftover beef caldereta for dinner Saturday, and then I made chicken and pork afritada for Sunday dinner. Joel loved both dishes. It’s fascinating watching him getting accustomed to Filipino foods. According to him, American food can’t compare to Asian food, and I agree haha.

We also started watching Samurai Champloo, and that’s really fun; I got Joel the Blu-Ray for Christmas. Mugen was named after one of the leads in that anime, and it’s one of Joel’s all-time favorites. I can’t wait to watch more episodes. It’s actually really good so far. And the music is phenomenal.


I’m writing this on a Sunday night, and we’re about to take down and put away our Christmas tree. I gotta say, I’m quite sad. It’s been wonderful and amazing spending the holidays with Joel and Mugen in our apartment. Although it’s another year of being away from my family in the Philippines, I love my life with Joel. It’s not without its challenges, but I’m fortunate to go through life with a good partner.


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