Obligatory Starting a New Job Post


Thanks, Ryan ❤

I started my new job today. I work in the marketing and communications department of a non-profit organization supporting state law enforcement officers. It definitely wasn’t easy obtaining this job. I had to interview twice with six executives and submit a few writing samples. I had to do my research and really know my stuff to blow their socks off. Saying that is just essentially giving myself a pat in the back for doing great at it. Joel helped a great deal during the whole application process. The week prior to interviewing for this job, I had interviews lined up at different companies every single day. It was the home stretch, and it feels good finishing and finally being able to join the workforce.

It wasn’t an easy couple of months – money wise. Joel and I weren’t struggling or anything like that; we just were really on mega frugal mode so as not to use up all of our savings.  One thing that I think is commendable about Joel and me is we’re not stupid with our finances. I know we’re young, blah blah, and I know young people are prone to idiocy when it comes to handling their finances. Joel is definitely way better than me when it comes to it though. I’m glad to have a partner like that.

So anyway, I have a pretty sweet gig. And it’s definitely great that I can use my degree to do this job. It’s refreshing to find an employer not trying to take advantage of you when it comes to salary and all that bullcrap. I’ve met with my co-workers and they’ve all been quite welcoming. I never actually have worked with anyone who was straight up rude though, so I’m fortunate.

Securing this job and going through the hiring process (especially the interviews) made me think of my very first job interview when I came to the States. That was cringe worthy. I don’t remember the company nor the position I was interviewing for, but it was in Houston. I was just a big ball of nerves. I was stuttering, I couldn’t get my english words out, it was embarrassing. I could sense that the HR lady interviewing me was feeling sorry for me and just wanted it to be all over. Good thing I didn’t cry or anything – I think I was on the verge of it. But eventually, I became more comfortable adjusting to America and all that, and I’ve learned a lot from past screw ups.

And now onto this new venture. I’m excited.


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