Another Overhaul

Changed my blog URL. Changed the header. Tweaked the layout a little bit. Still need to organize the categories.

But now I’m somewhat happy with how this whole site is looking.

It feels quite nice not having the pressure to “post to please.” I don’t know who I’ve been wanting to please anyway. Blogging has been a really lucrative hobby business for some. I guess I was wanting for something like that to happen to me, because I’m kinda good at writing, somewhat tech savvy (I don’t like that term by the way), so I thought I could pull it off.

But nope.

I want to keep this going. I’m going to be posting stuff for my own amusement – chronicling personal milestones and shit.

One milestone: I got a new job here in Austin.

I took the job offer today, got a tour of the whole office, met my new co-workers, and all that jazz. I won’t be starting until Monday though – which is good. At least I have the rest of the week to just relax before I dive into the workforce.


Not a cubicle, not a crappy little desk, not a sad little corner in the office, no sir.

I get to have my own office.

I’m going to be a working in the communications department of a non-profit organization. Writing, handling their online presence, all that good stuff.

Hey, I’m 25. And this is my first grown-up job. I even got an official offer letter and everything. I’m excited and somewhat anxious to start this new venture.

For now, I’m going to relish these last few remaining days of freedom and marathon the crap of whatever show I fancy on Netflix.

Not anymore. I got a grown-up job, beetches!
Not anymore. I got a grown-up job, beetches!

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