The Most Useless Character in the History of Television


Freaking Masuka’s daughter. Like, seriously. Where did she go in all this??

Okay, let me collect myself.

Dexter ended last night. An ending to what I think is the most disappointing season ever (and hey, I’m the only one who thinks that!).  Which is really a shame. That show had so much potential. I’m just going to remember it during its glory days (Seasons 1, 2, 4).


Found this Spinoff idea on Reddit.

A new series about Batista, Doakes, Masuka, Quinn, Jaime, Miller, and everyone else from Miami Metro, all of whom are secret serial killers. It takes place at the same time as previous Dexter seasons but follows a different character each episode as they research, stalk, and kill their target in a variety of ways! What were your favorite characters doing when Dexter was learning to dance at his high school reunion? Now you know!

They don’t even need to bring back Michael C. Hall or Jennifer Carpenter because they can just use footage from previous seasons!


They can all have their wacky serial killer tableaus. How awesome would that be?

-Quinn only kills the Swedish, stemming from when he was a baby trapped in a container filled with Swedes. His method of kill is a blow-dart!

-Batista only kills people that wear hats! He takes their hats and adds them to his collection. He has been wearing them in public for years, daring anyone to uncover his secret.

-Masuka will only kill his own children. He has been depositing in sperm banks all over Florida ever since he was old enough, and each time they inevitably find them he plays doting dad for a few weeks before they get the axe!


Still a better plot than what we have just watched in the last season of Dexter.


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